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Rebecca Tamás


The Guardian (UK), London (2023)


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To 2040 by Jorie Graham (Carcanet, £15.99)
The American writer’s visionary 15th collection is one of her best books yet. These luminous poems consider the importance of attending to the wisdom nature offers us: “I look up before the / air becomes unbreathable, / I close my eyes and try to see it again, / the stream. It is a temple. It is / rushing. How could we / not have heard.” Graham reinvents Wallace Stevens’s legacy of radiant philosophical verse as she seeks to discover how thought and language might throw off their human biases and move into spaces of liberating environmental openness – “How do I / not summarise anything … No sum / towards which to strive. No / general truth. None.” A profound engagement with how our thinking about nature might change, and transform us in the process.